. . . and what I offer instead.

The simple reason I don’t do sunflower portrait sessions is I just don’t love the way they look. Sorry to those of you who love them . . . or the idea of them, at least. Sunflowers are beautiful, yes, but they don’t really work in terms of height and density to photograph children. Unless done early in the season when the flowers are low (but a bit sparse and not that impressive) or unless mom and dad are holding the child above the blooms (with a lot of negative space behind), I find that small children are just overpowered and lost in the whole thing.

Instead, I offer a slightly different approach. We have a gorgeous wildflower field that my neighbor meticulously cultivates each year. The first year, he did a full burn and seeding to make the flowers grow. Now, he tends to it and maintains it beautifully. He graciously allows me to photograph in his coveted spot each year.

I love the variety of shape and color the garden produces. Rather than the single yellow bloom, the field is filled with pinks and oranges and reds and magentas. Each year is different and blooms at a slightly different time, which always keeps us on our toes.

So, join me this year for our annual Wildflower Fields session, August 19 & 20, for a portrait-worthy romp in the summer sun.

For details and booking information, click HERE.

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