September 16, 2016
I'm very excited about our upcoming Matilda Jane modeling days October 9, 15, and 16.  I'm working with a friend who just moved to metro Detroit from West Virginia.  She is the friend of a close family member (we're not actually blood family, but better than that -- our family has all been friends for 45 years!) and is establishing roots here.  She is a fabulous warm and smart woman committed to her business of empowering women and wardrobing beautiful girls.  She'll be dressing the girls and I will be waiving the session fee and offering $100 studio credit for those who wish to participate.  The sessions will take place late in the day at my home in Howell.  October 9 is fully booked at this point.  There are a few slots on the 15th and 16th.  Anyone intersted should please CALL me at 248 320 1943.  Please don't PM, text, or email as it's easier to get it done in one quick call and I don't want to confuse desired times and slots and accidentally overbook (yes, it has happened).

September 1, 2016
Pesonal branding is a great way for you, as a professional or business owner, to create imagery that presents your "best self" to the world and your marketplace.  Personal branding goes beyond the traiditonal headshot, including consultation, styling, hair & makeup, wardrobe, props and locations, and concept development.  I work with you and any creative team members (web developers, marketing team, etc.) to create high impact imagery and to craft a cohesive look for your marketing.  Bring your self to me exactly as you are and let me transform you into the rock star you KNOW you can be!

Kathleen is a wellness expert.  She came to me with the task of creating her personal brand.  She emphasized wanting natural elements, natural light, and fresh, vibrant color.  We shot at farmer's market and immersed her in the elements important to her.  We provided props and wardrobe and incorporated her own items that made her feel most comfortable.  We went to every length to nail the details, the mug and dog, to complete the look.  She worked with my hair & makeup artist, Erin, before and during the entire shoot.  And as with every shoot, I presented professionally edited images that made her look her very best.  We're working together now to integrate the images into her web site, branding collateral, and master marketing campaign.


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