Concierge Services
We're here to make your life easy, allowing you to focus on feeling good and looking gorgeous!
In addition to the portrait experience, we offer a suite of concierge services.

Custom Wardrobe

We've spent years procuring gorgeous, premium wardrobe pieces
from formal ball gowns to farm house looks to transform your child and set the scene.

Clients may opt to either wear on-hand wardrobe or we can custom-fit pieces for your child.

For older children, teens, and adults, we offer in-home wardrobe consultation.

We also offer optional personal wardrobe styling and shopping, a part of which
we shop, purchase, and hold wardrobe for you to choose as part of your shoot.  Great for senior portraits and families.

90% of clients opt for one or more of our custom wardrobing services.

Hair & Makeup Services

Clients may either take advantage of hair and makeup services prior to their session by visiting their own personal stylist
or by having on-site hair & makeup immediately before and during the shoot.

In most cases, younger children do not need these services; it is best suited to teens and families.

Custom Props

From newborn baskets, blankets, and bowls
to "big kid" items such as bikes and unique vintage finds, I provide everything complete the look.

Location Scouting

Have a unique location in mind?  Want me to find something a bit off the beaten bath?
I'm happy to preview a location in advance of the shoot.

In Home Measuring

Not sure what size portrait to create for your home?  I'm here to help.
I provide in-home measuring and pre-shoot design services
to help you create the art and collection of your dreams.

In-Person Design

About a week following our session, we'll meet again in person.
I'll show you a culled group of portraits for selection and purchase.
You'll love ALL of portraits, but don't worry,
I'll guide you through a stress-free process to create
a cohesive collection tailored to your individual needs.

Expert Artistry

Once a portrait is selected, we'll discuss editing, paying attention to detail and overall stylistic approach.
I hand-edit every portrait, never abdicating this critical step.
In fact, this is my favorite part of my work as it is when I bring a portrait to life.
A nip on the waist? A tuck of the dress? Never a reason for you to not LOVE the way you look.

Canvas Proofing

Because artwork always appears different in print and natural light than it does on a computer screen,
I invite you an optional pre-production viewing appointment,
providing you the opportunity to review and approve the work.

Artisanal Finish

All works are printed on heavy-duty canvas using the giclée print production method.
French for "sprayed ink," giclée connotes an elevated process, superior to any other modern print method.
Giclée provides exceptional archival preservation and vibrant color range, rivaling silver-halide and gelatin processes
typically found in museums and fine galleries worldwide.

Choose our classic canvas or upgraded masterpiece finish, which includes an additional level of craftsmanship.
A master artist hand-paints oil-stroking over the canvas, giving it an old world masterpiece heirloom appeal.

Custom Framing

All custom-framed canvases include acid-free mounts and include
choice of full wood lignen-free mouldings. Each framed piece is finished with acid-free dust cover,
hanging wire, bumper guards, wax seal, and signed and dated certificate of authenticity.
Finished works are delivered in custom-crafted high-density velcro-closure bubble bags
for safe keeping in storage or in transit.

White Glove Delivery & Installation

Framed portraits include white glove hand-delivery
and installation in Southeast Michigan.

We secure your framed wall portrait in its own custom-sized
high-density bubble bag complete with velcro closure
so that it arrives at your door in pristine condition
and may be transported safely years from now.

Lifetime Craftsmanship Gurantee

Because ours are the last ones to handle your artwork,
all pieces include a lifetime craftsmanship quality guarantee.
Should the craftsmanship not live up to your expectations under proper conservation conditions,
we'll cheerfully repair or replace your artwork at no cost to you, no questions asked.


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