October 31, 2016
How freekishly fun to create gothic images from some of my favorite clients over the last couple of years just in time for Halloween?  Check out more on FB . . . BOO!


October 24, 2016
We're having so much fun creating special Matilda Jane modeling sessions.  I love working with our trunk keeper, Sarah Stough, based in South Lyon, MI.  She is wardrobing the girls and I'm photograping these beauties looking and feeling all dolled up.  We'll be doing sessions in early November and again after the New Year.  Be in touch if you'd like to get in on the fun!  :)


October 20, 2016
I am thrilled to announce the Women's Beauty / Personal Branding work I've begun recently.  I am offering a head-to-toe transformation experience, including hair and makeup, wardrobe assistance (you bring some pieces, I have some pieces), and a photo shoot that will make you look and feel your most amazing.  We photographed Ashley recently as part of our Womens' Beauty / Personal Branding session.  Ashley works in the fitness industry and wanted some beautiful images of herself to reflect on her own well-being.  She's also working on a high-end bridal jewelry business and wanted to features a few of her pieces.  She's a stunning beauty with the most infectious laugh and warm, smiley eyes.  We had a "party like" atmosphere the day we worked together, with a house full of women, stylists, photographers, and friends who joined along.  What more fun than a group of women celebrating themselves?!

Hair & Makeup Credit:  Kathleen Kunkle

And here is a side-by-side comparison of the transformation Ashley underwent as part of our shoot.

Hair & Makeup Credit:  Kathleen Kunkle
October 19, 2016
When "E" asked if I would photograph her senior portraits, I was thrilled.  This young woman has grace, charm, and smarts to match her outward beauty.  We had a beautiful fall day a few days ago.  Warm but glowing light and leaves falling.  We photographed around my home and surrounding area in Howell.

Hair & Makeup Credit:  Rachel Richardson

October 12, 2016
I had the privilege of photographing these beautiful women, mother and daughter.  I've photographed both of them over the years since "A" was eight years old.  These two are a portrait of beauty, grace, and love.  Their family is among the shining of examples of "doing it right" . . . putting family first.  We captured a few timeless treasures of the ladies together and some stunning images of each of them on their own.  I can only imagine how much these ladies, and generations to come, will adore these images years from now.

Hair & Makeup Credit:  Kathleen Kunckle

October 8, 2016
I'm so honored to work with the "H" family for the third time.   "A" is the youngest of three.  I first met her when I photographed her older sister, "C" several years ago.   "C" became my summer studio intern and is now finishing her graduate degree in Nevada.  Then, I photographed big brother, "T", in 2014, who is now graduated from college himself and working as an engineer.  "A"'s entire family (mom, dad, and both sibligngs are graduates of the University of Michigan.  (I am a graduate of UofM myself - go blue!).  No pressure on Ms. "A" in her college application this fall. 

We photographed at the same location as her brother, at Heritage Park in Farmington Hills.  We featured "A" with her flag and cello.  What cherubic beauty and joy to work with.  Thank you so very much "H" family!  It has been a true pleasure to serve you these many years.


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