October 24, 2014
Really enjoyed working with R and C recently.  They were both such super good sports and we laughed our way through the entire shoot thanks to these guys.  Nothing like a late afternoon glow in the fall to create a warmth to the shots.  We photographed in Howell in one of my newly-favorite places up Byron Road.  Thanks, P Family :)

October 24, 2014
I've been conversing with the mother of these two little darlings for years.  It started with her asking to use an image of mine for her blog: (the image is still on the front page, check it out!) and I was flattered when she hired me after all this time.  Her two darlings were boatloads of fun and good energy.  We were laughing up a storm the three of us!  Love shooting at Maybury State Park in the fall but on this particular day, there were traffic jams of people walking the trails.  Craziness!  While I was shooting this very image, a family walked about 40 feet past us and actually stopped to take pictures of their own.  I was able to strategically shoot so that the girls blocked the view of the family and then I used Photoshop after the fact.  I was "this" close to going over to them and politely asking them to move. Clearly, they weren't professionals.  Isn't there some similar rule in bowling about not "crowding" the lanes?  Felt something like that.  Nontheless, it looks like we're in our own, solitary fall forest.  The colors were PERFECT and it was a beautiful day.  Thanks, Valentini family :)

October 18, 2014
I've had the privilege of photographing M&M for the last six years.  It's hard to believe how fast time has passed.  These two beauties have grown into exquisite young women and it was a huge pleasure styling and working with both of them.  We worked together on private property in Howell, MI in the early evening.  The warm sunny glow and fiery light was amazing.  Love these shots!

October 7, 2014
Loved working with the Goldman family again this year. Last time we worked together was three years ago.  In that time, the girls have grown so much (and have had braces on and off already).  We planned this shoot meticulously and had a fabulous time at a nearby park.  Love the images of these two frolicking in the field . . .


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