November 15, 2016
I've known Ms. A since she was in Kindergarten (she's now 9) and she is truly like a member of our family . . . I treat her like one of my own.  I thought I knew her pretty well until we got together to photograph last weekend as part of the Matilda Jane Modeling sessions.  It blew me away to see that she had THIS in her!  Such grace, poise, and beauty.  I love these pictures and I think she does too.  She's a tender age and is forming her self-image and self-esteem.  I think looking and feeling as beautiful as I hope I've made her feel came JUST at the perfect time :)

November 7, 2015
I photographed this beauty a few weeks ago as part of our Matilda Jane modeling session.  Our clothing did not arrive this day, so we had to improvise, and I loaned "A" my clothing:  my cream sweater poncho, my army green jacket, my brown infiniti scarf, and I donated an apple to the cause.  Sometimes, happy accidents make for the best photography.  We hung out in my back yard then went to a nearby pond and played in the golden autumn light.  Ms. "A" is such a natural beauty, with amazing skin and long, luscious hair.  We let her hair down in the golden sunset light toward the end and it flowed beautifully in the light wind.  What a pleasure it was working with "A" and her mom.  Thank you, "H" family!

November 4, 2016
This has been an exceptionally great week with terrific sessions, bookings, and client consultations.  Everyone is in high spirits and I'm grateful for all the many opportuntieis to serve my clients.

Today's time with the "C" family topped the week!  I spent time with this amazingly beautiful young woman a few weeks ago.  We had somewhat of a "wardrobe malfunction" and had to think quickly to pull something together.  This is what we created.  Mom brought the sweater and skirt ensemble, and I have six yards of various fabrics on hand at all times, "just in case."  "A" is incredibly graceful and luminous and now I can't imagine her wearing anything else.  In every image, it is as if a luminous light surrounds her. 

I presented the images of her to her family today.  Not only did they make me feel valued and welcome in their home, "A's" mom touched me with the sweetest text of thanks and compliments later today.  THIS is the reason I love the work I do.  THESE are the people I aim to serve.  I simply ask the powers that be for 1,000 more like them and the ability to touch each and every one of them in the same way.

November 1, 2016
Some of my favorites from our recent Matilda Jane session with Ms. "N."  She's such a "quiet beauty" with so much drama and personality in those blue eyes . . . and skin smooth as porceline.


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