November 30, 2015
I so loved working with this family!  They allowed me to play with their beautiful daughter a few weeks ago while testing out my Canon 200mm 2.0 lens.  Mom trusted me to "do my thing," which is ALWAYS the way to get the best results.  Dad was a willing helper, leaping in bushes and behind trees to "lure" sweet "A" into the perfect spot.

The image immediately below is my favorite.  I saw the "island in the stream" and asked mom to walk through the shallow river to take "A" to this very spot.  It was a cold day and I know the water had to be FREEZING but mom was game.  I shot from a bridge about 30 feet away (this is what makes the 200mm a must-have) and we captured this.

November 24, 2015
A few more of the test sessions with the Canon 200mm f2.0 lens a few weeks ago.  I can't get over how silky smooth and razor sharp the images with this lens are.  I also loved working with "A" and "O" on this late fall day, just before the snow.  We played with the "floatie" pod plants (I'm sure they have a proper name, but I don't know what it is . . . anyone?), which added such a touch of soft lightness.  Mom came with the intention of having "A" photographed alone, but when I saw her younger sister, "O," I couldn' resist.  The first image below of "O" hangs as a matted framed 20x30 print in my studio office.

November 20, 2015
It's been a whirlwind month of new studio set-up, new business practices, new products, and a renewal of sorts in my business.  I am SO excited to move forward in 2016 and create beautiful portrait art and do the work I've wanted to do again for so long.  After "meandering through the woods" for the last year and "exploring" new territories, I've returned to familiar grounds once more and decided that what I love and what I want to do EXCLUSIVELY is create children's portrait art.  And I want to create exquisite portrait art.  Timeless, classic, heirloom finished pieces that will be displayed and loved throughout time.

As a celebration of this reaffirmation, I will be hosting an open house at the Birmingham studio next Saturday (November 28) 10-5 PM with great give-aways for everyone (win gift certificates for products ranging from 8x10 framed prints to a 20x30 framed canvas)! I'm also excited to display my newest wall art, including the 40x60 framed canvas of young "N" featured in the "golden light" session below.

Join us on November 28 and RSVP by calling 248 320 1943 or emailing me HERE if you'd like us to reserve a goody bag, hot chocolate, and a cookie just for you! :)

Gearhead alert: The images below were taken as "test" images with my new Canon 5D Mark iii body and the infamous Canon 200mm f 2.0 lens.  I also picked up the Canon 135mm f 2.8 lens recently.  Merry Christmas to me :)

The first image below is the 40x60 framed canvas. Come visit me in the studio to check it out!

November 3, 2015
For those of you who have worked with me, one of the cardinal rules of wardrobe styling is to avoid anything that draws attention away from the face . . . like brightly-colored shoes for example.  But sometimes, we have to break our own rules.  Especially when it helps to tell a story.  I love the shoes in this image precisely because they help to tell a story.

My son is notorious for NOT wearing shoes.  We jump in the car and they're the first things to come off.  I know to give a 60-second warning upon arriving anywhere because I've spent much time outside the car (in the rain, in the cold, in the heat) waiting him to put them back on.  We've even been known to show up well-dressed and barefoot for a baby shower only to realize the shoes were left at home.  (Bad mommy confession:  Connor is eight years old and still don't know how to tie shoes . . . "Why bother, mom?".)  So, to have my sweet boy wearing shoes in this picture says something about him, about our family, and makes me smile inside.  And because beggers can't be choosers, fighting over wearing a particular pair of shoes (ones without garish laces) would be taking things a bit too far.  I know where to hold the line.

The point is that all pictures tell stories.  Beyond exposure, posing, locations, and props, portraits are about PEOPLE.  Expression.  Details.  The little imperfections that make the portrait perfect to you.  I have been crafting visual stories of children and families for more than 10 years now.  It would be my honor to tell your child's visual story.  Bright red shoes and all . . .


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