May 25, 2014
Considering tomorrow is Memorial Day, I thought it would be fun to create a patriotic-themed shoot with Sierra last night for our second round working together.  The shoot took place in Port Huron at sunset.  I brought along my new vintage printed American flag, which created the perfect look.  As all-American as apple pie . . .

May 13, 2014
So enjoyed working with Gowshik ("Sam") in SoHo and in Central Park several weeks ago.  We started at Bloomingdale's, where he had his makeup done by the wonderfully talented Alshyma Panebianco, pictured below (can't wait to work with you and get to know you better, Shyma!).  We proeceeded outside onto a very crowded street, where we not only dodged pedestrians, but a fairly persistent heckler at the same time.  We proceeded to Central Park as it approached dusk and Sam was brave enough to leap from shore onto the rock formation in the pond.  Splash!

All-in-all, a great shoot with a gorgeous guy.  A special thanks once again to Cynthia Saldana of Ikon Models, who made the shoot possible at all!  Hope to work with everyone again soon!

May 8, 2014
So many things to be grateful for today!  Loving my life and the many wonderful people in it!  Among the reasons to be grateful, the [finally] beautiful weather here in Michigan.  This past Sunday, I got to photograph an incredibly beautiful young woman, M.  I could tell from looking at M that she was pretty but was really bowled over by her in-camera presence.   WOW!  We started out in Kerrytown in Ann Arbor, just in front of the Farmer's Market and Zingerman's (yum) and then proceeded to the Nichol's Arboretum.  We also "crashed" the new headquarters of TurtleCell literally as they were moving in to their new space.  We needed a "prep" station for hair and make-up.  Thanks TurtleCell guys!  Good luck with the new venture!  Also, thanks again to Erin Levitt for fabulous hair and make-up. 

May 3, 2014
I had the pleasure of testing with the illustrious Nicola Rigg of Ikon Models in New York City a couple of weeks ago.  (A huge thanks to Cynthia Saldana for the time and effort to facilitate this!)  I flew in on Easter morning (on a 6:00a.m. flight . . . I swear I crossed paths with the Easter Bunny) and spend most of the early part of the day pulling wardrobe.  It didn't occur to me that many stores would be closed for Easter (oops), but I got what I needed.

We met in the early evening at my hotel for hair & make-up.  It was also a huge pleasure working with fellow Detroiter-turned-New Yorker and fabulous hair and make-up artist, Peter Dallas.  Peter is a master at transforming any beautiful woman (Nicola needs no help!) into a flawless work of art.  Check out Peter in action below.

We photographed along Fifth Avenue at the edge of Central Park then moved south toward the intersection of 5th Avenue and 59th Street, just north of the Plaza Hotel and the GM Building.   Because we had so much (too much!) fun getting ready and chatting at the hotel, we got a bit of a late start and made the best use of our 45 minutes of remaining available light.

I lived in New York City years ago.  Just being back in the Big Apple was exhilerating and made me miss being 20-something, young, and free.  Stay tuned for more images of my New York trip (images with Sam Rajendra taken the following day).  Heading back later this summer for more Big Apple fun!


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