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My sister, Jennifer McCann, and my dad, John McCann, in 1982 downtown Detroit on Woodward Avenue at the Hudson's Thanksgiving Parade.  I was standing next to them talking with Jenny. She was 4  I was 8. My mom took this photo with a Kodak pocket instamatic.  (It's NEVER the equipment that makes the photographer.)  It seemed we would be the perfect family forever . . .

When I lost my sister, Jennifer, to suicide at age 23 in 2002, I soon began searching for portraits of her.  Something to hold onto.  Evidence of a life joyfully lived.  To this day, I occasionally rummage through drawers, old basement boxes, or a high-up closet shelf at my parents' house in hopes of finding "just one more" unearthed glimpse of her.  She was an art student at the Center for Creative Studies.  She was beautiful.  Vibrant.  She was the "talented one."  I always loved art, but she was anointed the "artist in the family."  I was designated the studious "business one."  It wasn't until about a year after she died that I felt called (and permitted) to pursue art myself.  I thought maybe I could carry the torch, continue a legacy, pick up where she left off.  I owe so much to her . . .

When loved ones leave us, evidence of their time on Earth is defined.  Full stop.  The final bookend is placed.  There is no "maybe next year," or "after I lose 20 pounds," or "after I take care of everything else."

Portraiture is a celebration of beauty and life.  It's about here and now.  It's about turning ephemeral moments into something enduring and real.  It's not about how you think you look (hint : YOU LOOK PERFECT!), having the right house to display the art, or waiting for the kids to be the "perfect" age.  It's about how you feel.  Come.  Feel love.  Feel alive.  Squeeze your babies.  Kiss your mother.  I'm here to do the rest.

I'm tremendously grateful for the boundless gifts I receive in the form of your trust, smiles, blubber tears (the BEST form of compensation!) and, of course, your investment of time, energy, and money.  I acknowledge that I exist in great abundance.

Out of gratitude, I donate to dozens of charitable oraganizations each year and partner with several worthy non-profits.
  I'm always happy to learn about more.

I also seek to share my gift and gratitude as part of my "Karen's Kids" program.   A few times a year, I provide no-cost, no-obligation, no-strings-attached gifted experiences and collections to deserving families.  The program is totally informal and "word of mouth."

If you know of a child or parent facing an illness or challenge who would value the opportunity to capture the joy and beauty that exists RIGHT NOW, please reach out and let me know.  I welcome anyone in any circumstance. 

I specifically aim to serve families sharing similar struggles to the one my family faced.  I wonder if reflecting my sister's beauty to her would have made any difference in the end?  If giving her a new perspective on her life could have changed the course?  Maybe . . . maybe not.  But either way, it would have mattered.  It would have been worth it.  If not to her, certainly to us.  Those of us left behind.  To my parents.  To me.  This gift is never lost.

Participating is simply a matter of reaching out to me and sharing a need.   All information is strictly confidential.  The experience is tailored to meet the individual family's needs.  The result is creating priceless, timeless joy.



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