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Portraiture is a true celebration of beauty and life.

We are tremendously grateful for the boundless gifts we receive in the form of your trust, smiles, hugs, blubber tears (the BEST form of compensation!) and, of course, your purchase.

We acknowledge that we exist in great abundance.

Out of gratitude for this abundance, we donate to dozens of charitable oraganizations each year and partner with several worthy non-profit organizations.

We also go one step further and share our gifts on occasion in the form of a fully-gifted session and beautiful collection as part of our "Karen's Kids" program.  These sessions are gifted at ABSOLUTELY NO COST to the family.

At times, the "right" family presents itself to us without needing to seek one out.   Other times, we ask for your help in identifying the right recipients.

If you know of a family or child who would appreciate and is deserving of a gifted portrait session, please let us know.   There are many life circumstances that lead someone to us; every person's story is unique.

You may call anonymously at 248 320 1943 or email us at

We also offer clients the opportunity to "round up" purchase balances to fund our charitable efforts.   Whether you're a client or not, consider helping us celebrate the beauty and life of someone you know and love.

Thank you.





Karen Lippowiths is an award-winning fine art photographer based in South Lyon, MI available worldwide.
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