I was born and raised in Farmington Hills, Michigan.  I've had the good fortune to live and work throughout the world, including work and schooling at l'Université de Paris - Sorbonne, the University of Michigan, Cornell Law School, and NYU School of law. 

My inital love for travel and photography began when I was 18.  I set out on a five-week archaeological dig in the South of France after high school graduation.  In the car ride home for Thanksgiving break after my first semester of college, I told my mom my plans to quit school and move to France.  Six months later, I found myself backpacking through North Africa then, soon after, renting a six-story walk-up Parisian apartment and enrolling in school.  That time of my life was the most free and formative.  Seeing the world ignited a desire to document the truth and beauty of life.

Making photographs is about bearing witness.  Burnishing a legacy.   Carrying forward the flow of an electrical current that is our collective humanity.   In short, photographs ARE the currency of life to me.

Whether it be the sweeping "big" moments, or the quiet convesations, It is my privilege to document and reveal your beauty.  I revel in turning your life's most ephemeral moments into enduring fine art.

I'm an award-winning photographer since 2005.  I've worked with New York, Chicago, and Detroit advertising and modeling firms, including Ikon Models, Ford Models, and commercial clients including Neiman Marcus, Matilda Jane, and Jacq Magazine.   In 13 + years, I've enjoyed honing my craft with many hundreds of children, models, families, and brides.  I look forward to serving you soon.

Thank you.


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