11 JUN 19
The Owner of the Academy of Russian Classical Ballet in Wixom, MI) called to book a ballet dance portrait session for her two (or three, you'll see . . . ) daughters.  She suggested a friend might want to come along for her own portrait sitting as well.  When she sent me a picture of the friend (Ms. A below), my jaw literally hit the floor.  This young woman has grace, strength, and poise well beyond her years. 

The girls arrived with a bouquet of dresses, tutus, hair pieces, and the studio was covered from one end to the other in gem-toned tulle.  We photographed the M siblings for a short while then overlapped with Ms. A below for a short time, before working with her alone.  We had the additional treat of Owner, Nikolai Morschakov, stay and pose Ms. A for a few moments longer.  Amazing to watch the girls perfectly contort and hold their bodies in such poses for so long.  The afternoon was a whilrwind with Chopin in the background, costume changes, and fun.

After years experimenting with lighting set ups (both natural and strobe), it has been such a relief going back to the simplicity of a full-length natural diffused side light (I have a choice of doorwalls in my home studio great room and alternate for best light depending on the time of day). 

I especially love the clean, sharp, contrasty feel of this series.  I went back and forth between editing them in a soft, hazy sepia and a contrasty true black and white. I finally settled on a softer black and white with a very faint warm filter overlay to give just the slightest tint (so faint you might not know it's there until you look - you can see it best in the midtones).

From this session, we created a special session for dancers at the Academy of Russian Classical Ballet. Look for displays at the studio and be sure to ask about the exclusive offer for ARCB dancers.

Camera Info. : Canon 5D IV, Canon 85mm 1.2,1.6-2.2, ISO 400, ~1/640



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