24 FEB 16
The first portrait below reigns as one of Brad's all-time favorite portraits of our son.

Connor and I ran out into the whiteout in our backyard at our old house in Howell.  He made snowballs with bare hands, tossed them at our Westie, Mr. Wilson, drifted through the deep snow, and caught snowflakes on his tongue.  It was windy and bone-chilling cold.

Upon returning to the house via the kitchen doorwall, Connor began taking off his boots and simply stood up and looked out the window, just as I was setting down my gear on the kitchen island. I had the camera in my hand just as he turned into the perfect light. His expression was quiet and thoughtful. It was a momentary passing glance.

I didn't even notice how amazing this portrait was the first pass through all of the images. It wasn't until I returned to the gallery in Lightroom several weeks later that it was apparent. I noticed the perfect line along the contour of his face and sliding from left to right into the shadow, both eyes aligned and the front in sharp focus, melted snowdrops on his forehead and nose, still frozen flakes on his lapel, and the soft expression in his lips.

This portrait hangs as a 16x20 framed canvas in our home, at the bottom of the staircase in the front foyer.  Everyone who comes into our home sees it and comment on it.  When we moved into the new house in July 2017, I experienced a bit of "analysis paralysis" and it took me two whole months before hanging anything on the walls.  So much builder beige and almost too many choices of what to put on the wall.  One day in September, mostly out of frustration and exasperation, I couldn't stand it anymore.  I grabbed the canvas and a hammer and nail, and without a tape measure or level, I simply drove the nail into the wall by "eyeballing it" and hung the canvas.  Instantly, I turned this big, bland new house into our home.

Camera Info. : Canon 5D III, Canon 135mm f 2.0 @ f 2.0, ISO 320, 1/1250



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