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Do you photograph in studio or on location?
How far in advance do you book?
Do you photograph in color or black & white?
What are the best ages for a portrait session?
What should I wear for my portrait session?
What if weather is bad?
What if my child doesn't cooperate?
How long is a portrait session?
How soon can we see our portraits?
How will I view and select my portraits?
What should I expect to spend?
Do you offer financing?
Does my fine art canvas include custom-framing?
How long does it take to complete my order?
Do you ship or deliver orders?
Will you hold onto my proofs to order at a later date?
Do you guaranatee your work?
Do you travel?
Do you photograph weddings?
do you photograph in studio or on location?

We offer a relaxed and comfortable studio experience located in South Lyon, MI, complete with beautiful lighting, backgrounds, a small wardrobe assortment and props.  Steps outside, we have rolling hills, ponds and rivers, grasslands and woods, bridges, open land, and a gorgeous natural backdrop to explore.

how far in advance do you book?

We offer sessions Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.  Weekday sessions book up two to three weeks in advance.  Saturday sessions book six to eight weeks in advance and farther out during fall and holiday seasons.

Do you photograph in color or black & white?

We photograph digitally in color and will show you both color and black & white during your reveal.  While vibrant colors ignite the senses, there's nothing more captivating than a timeless black & white piece of art.

what are the best ages for a portrait session?

There is NEVER a wrong age for portraits.  You and your family are perfect and beautiful exactly as you are TODAY (and we all know tomorrow is never guaranteed).  Portraits may sometimes feel "last on the list" when daily life gets in the way, but are ALWAYS of highest value once completed.

what should I wear for my portrait sessions?
Portraits are a celebration of your family and your life.  We suggest dressing for the occasion.  We'll work with you at booking to help plan for success.  We'll also provide our detailed "Session Success Guide" to create the perfect look for your day.  We offer optional personal wardrobe styling and hair & make-up services if you'd like additional help.
what if the weather is bad?
We guarantee a beautiful studio experience with every portrait sitting.  We'll also step outside and take advantage of the beautiful natural surroundings for environmental portraits as weather permits.  With a small additional fee, we'll guarantee a rain date just in case.
what if my child doesn't cooperate?
Rest assured, after working with literally thousdands of children in15 years, we guarantee to capture your child beautifully.  The more you relax and let your child be him or herself, the more your child will follow your lead.  We'll discuss your child's unique personality and ways to optimize for success when we book your portrait sitting.
how long is a portrait session?
Portrait sittings usually last 45 - 60 minutes, depending on the number of people and wardrobe changes.  We watch your children and their interest and energy during the session, never the clock.
how soon can we see our portraits?
We know how excited you are to see your portraits!  We're equally excited to show them for you.  We work diligently but meticulously to create the highest-quality work you expect.  Your design consultation typically takes place about a week after the sitting, or as soon as everyone can come together thereafter.   We ask that both parents (all decision-makers) be present for the reveal and we invite all interested family members participate in the fun.  We'll guide you through every step of creating the collection just right for you.
how will I view and select my portraits?
We'll provide a stunning slideshow of your work in larger-than-life format to provide full impact "WOW!" experience.  We'll walk you through all of your display options, assist with framing, and guide in creating the collection of your dreams.
what should I expect to spend?
The sitting fee of 325 is due at booking and applies to purchases of 1000 or more.  There is no minimum purchase in most instances.  Buy only what you love (fair warning, you're going to love ALL of them!).  Most clients typically invest 2000 - 5000 for a comprehensive collection that includes a custom-framed wall portrait, a tabletop archival piece such as an album or box set, and a gift item.
do you offer financing?
Yes.  We believe fine portrait art is for everyone.  Our interest-free financing options allow you to create the collection of your dreams.  We'll discuss options when you book.
does my fine art canvas include custom framing?
We guarantee all fully finished custom-framed pieces for a lifetime as our hands are the last to touch them.  Because we want you to own and enjoy your framed portrait from day one, we provide framing options and service as a way to save time and effort in finishing the piece yourself.  If you choose, you may also do the work of finding a framer on your own.
how long does it take to complete my order?
Most orders, including custom-framed canvases, require 4 - 6 weeks to complete.  Wall art pieces all undergo a meticulous two-step process that includes client pre-press viewing, giving you an opportunity to inspect and approve the piece before going into final production.  We'll phone you when your order is complete and ready for pick up.  We offer optional local home delivery and hanging of all finished custom-framed works.
do you ship or deliver orders?
Yes.  Shipments are available throughout the U.S. with a packaging fee plus carrier charges.  We're happy to deliver and hang custom-framed wall portraits locally at no charge.   All other orders are picked up from the studio.
will you hold onto my proofs to order at a later date?

We'll spend as little or as much time as you need during the day of your reveal to view and select your collection.  We offer a singular appointment to make all decisions to make efficient use of everyone's time.  We encourage you to invite all family and friends who may wish to be part of the fun.  Please note we do not release proofs or post images online.  All portraits purchased are archived forever and may be reordered at any time;  those not selected for purchaes are deleted that day.

do you guarantee your work?
Yes.  We offer a workmanship quality guarantee on every product that leaves the studio and a 100% LOVE IT! guarantee on every finished custom-framed wall portrait we create for you.   When you frame with us, our hands are the last to touch your art.   We'll work together in a multi-step process from the proof selection to the hand-finishing to ensure you love your portrait the minute it graces your wall.   If you're not 100% thrilled with your portrait at the time of installation, we promise to make it right.
do you travel?
Yes.  We travel and work worldwide.  Be in touch if you would like a visit or have a special destination in mind.
do you photograph weddings?
We focus entirely on portrait photography and do not offer weddings.



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