7 Reasons to SELL at
the Holidays

I did a double take as I walked into Kroger today.  It's October 30 and tomorrow is Halloween.  I make a rule NEVER to buy the candy more than 24 hours out because, if you're anything like me, it's a guarantee that you'll be back for more, 65 bite-size Kit Kats and two pant sizes later.  So, as I made my way in for my necessaries, I was greeted by a large candy display -- not an orange and black pumpkin-shaped one --- but instead, a giant Christmas tree display with all manners of chocolate wrapped in red and green.  Whaaa?  Christmas candy the day BEFORE Halloween?  The Halloween candy heaped into a clearance bin in a faroff corner of the store?  Cue the Tony Bennett.  Jingle the bells.  Sprinkle the polyester snow.

'Tis the season, right?

Well, just as there's a season for tacky stocking stuffers and cheap consumer goods, there's a season for buying and selling homes.  While it's true that "busy season" in real estate is traditionally in warmer months, the holidays are a GREAT time to sell your home as well.  Here are seven reasons to SELL this coming holidays season:

1)  Inventory remains LOW, so it's still a SELLERS' MARKET.

We remain in an unbalanced market and there's a shortage of homes.  Buyers are paying above asking price and bidding wars are not uncommon in metro Detroit's hot spots.  If you're thinking that NOW is the time to make your move and you price your property right, you can expect to see strong interest and your home will sell fast.

2)  Your house will look its best decorated all aglow.

You've strung the lights, you've lit the candles, you've decked the halls . . . your home looks cozy and warm end-to-end.  There's no better time to feature your home than with merriment and cheer.  Set the stage and invite buyers to experience the glow they'll create for themselves when your house becomes their home.

3)  Winter buyers are SERIOUS buyers, often moving for jobs.

Most people don't venture out in the snow and cold to look at a home "just for fun." Plus, with busy holiday schedules, non-buyers rarely consider stopping without a real intention to buy.  Those who show up on December 2 aren't "tire kickers" or "lookie loos", they're serious buyers.  Holiday buyers are often people transferring for a job that begins shortly after the New Year, or those looking to move for another time-sensitive reason.  Plus, you're not trying to attract families trying to settle kids for school in September and need to close under the gun.

4)  Buyers have more time to look during vacation, not just on the weekends.

Homes are lighter, brighter, and bigger during daylight hours as opposed to twilight or in dreary winter dark.  Plus, buyers are more relaxed when they're not trying to fit in the largest purchase of their lives between rush hour traffic and getting dinner on the table at home.  During the holidays, buyers can visit during weekday afternoons with critical decision-makers and often in a much better mood.  In case you're worried you'll be overwhelmed and don't want to make your home available during critical holiday times, remember you can restrict showings whenever you like.

5)  Buyers are more emotional at the holidays, willing to "splurge" a bit more.

We've all been there before.  The glow of the lights, soft music, the smell of warm chocolate chip cookies lingering in the air (there's a reason those delicious cinnamon roles linger at the Ikea check-out lane). . . who among us isn't ready to BUY?!  Take advantage of the season of good will and cheer and capitalize on the emotion and sentimentality of season.  Imagine couples standing in your living room saying, "If Santa brings me a new couch for that corner, maybe he'll bring you a new flat screen TV for that mantel over there."  Can you see a "SOLD" sign out on your front lawn?

6)  With your house "SOLD," you'll be a non-contingent buyer.

Contingent buyers are those who make offers on a home with the catch that they must sell their own home first in order to close.  These offers are considered "weak" and are no fun for agents to present (can you hear the "Wah Wah Trombones"?).  Sometimes they're not seriously considered at all.  If you want to strengthen your buying position, sell your home FIRST, or at least get it under contract -- or at the bare minimum, have it listed to sell -- before you begin shopping around.

7)  Interest rates are slated to rise, slowing the market in 2018.

The market has been stronger than it has been in many years and interest rates are still rock bottom. (Mortgage rates hover around 4.0% for a 30-year fixed.)  Rumor has it that according to Fed Chairwoman, Janet Yellen, that's slated to change.  Interest rates will go up in 2018, making mortgage money a bit more expensive, which slows buying down.   This is simple supply-demand economics.  This means NOW is the time to capture buyers before the tide starts to turn.   Don't wait!

These seven reasons, among others, make the holiday season a great time to sell your home.  If you're thinking of a move in the metro Detroit area, and would like a FREE no-obligation market analysis of your home, give me a call at 248 320 1943 and I'd be happy to help! :)


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