The American Flag Creates
Instant Curb Appeal

Curb appeal is your house's way of putting on a suit and tie for the all-important buyer "interview."  It's the first indication of quality of your entire home and signals to the buyer, "I'm the one.  Hire me to be your house.  I can get the job done."

According to the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 63% of buyers tour a home with eye-pleasing curb appeal.  Ultimately, it makes the difference between a mere "meh" drive-by and a house getting toured and, subsequently, SOLD.

With the Fourth of July just around the corner, it's a great time to consider the American flag as a great way to kick up curb appeal.

While it goes without saying that you should take care of major elements first   -  repairing and painting trim, pruning trees and bushes, mowing and edging the lawn  --  one instant and inexpensive way to add the finishing touch is by installing an American flag.  ($9.99 at any Home Depot or Lowe's.)

First, flags get attention.  An American flag blowing in the wind is like your house waiving its hands around and shouting "Over here!  Check me out!  Come on in!"  Used car lots hire that guy to stand on the corner in a bear suit for a reason -- to attract and direct traffic in.  Surely, you should err against installing "windsock guy" on your lawn, but the flag does a great job of dancing and drawing buyers in.

Second, the American flag adds a perfect POP of color.  Red is the most noticeable color street side.  Paired with union blue, the stars and bars create contrast against typically "earth tone" beiges and browns of siding, stonework, and trim on many homes.  Consider adding red flowers in the hedge along the front of the house as well.  Depending the on the style of house and neighborhood, perhaps even add a bold fiery red door.

Finally, the American flag is patriotic.  Worldwide over, it's a symbol of freedom, independence, and celebration.  On your lawn, it says, "I take pride in my house.  I'm proud to live here." Such display of pride is winning, whether you're an American citizen or not.  It imparts a "Norman Rockwell" quality:  wholesome, innocent, and good.  Can't you just smell the apple pie?

If you want to go "all out," consider adding multiple flags or bunting to your home's exterior.   It's a surefire way to stand out as "the flag house" and create lasting positive impression.

When flying an American flag, keep a few etiquette rules in mind:

1.  Project the flag horizontally or at a slight angle from a balcony, porch post, or windowsill.  Be sure the flag clears any landscaping and falls far enough away from the roof line that it won't smack or flap onto the roof in a brisk wind.

2. Unless it's an all-weather flag, remove it in inclement weather.

3. Unless illuminated, the flag should fly only from sunrise to sundown.

4. Change the flag when it becomes weathered or soiled.  Not only is it poor etiquette to fly a weather-beaten, torn, or faded flag, it counteracts any curb appeal.

5. The American flag should stand taller than any other flags flown with it.

So, when in the market to sell your home, let your flag fly high, and let it bring dollars to the bottom line.

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