August 16 2016
LOVE working with Emily, a beautiful woman whom I have come to know over the last few months.  She and her family are PURE GOLD!  I couldn't wait to create an incredible portrait of this amazing and gorgeous woman.  (Look at those eyes!)  Can't wait to photograph her again in October to create beautiful senior portraits.  Friends of Emily or anyone else interested in amazing senior portraits should be in touch to find out how they can look and feel equally beautiful.

August 14, 2016
I like to think of ALL my clients as stars, but few are bonafide celebrities.  I had the privilege of photographing the beautiful Sandra Ali and Shawn Ley, both news personalities at the NBC Detroit affiliate, WDIV Channel 4, with their two children a few weeks ago.  We had such fun romping around Birmingham on a warm, summer's eve.  Photographing these pros was a breeze and their two spritied children brought personality and fun to the shoot.  As an added thrill, I visited Sandra at the TV studio this evening and watched her create magic from behind the scenes.  What better job than being a family photographer to the stars?!?!?!?


August 10, 2016
I let go of a good number of props when I closed the studio in June, but I held on to this treasure of a box, a WWII "C CO" storage crate, as well as a vintage medic bag and Victorian era bincoulars.  I was in a creative mood and the lighting was perfect, so Connor and I hung out in the back yard by the pond, just romping around as usual.


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