April 28, 2014
I've looked forward to working with S since her mom called and booked several weeks ago.  I could tell they were the type of clients open to creativity and having fun.  We photographed at Crescent Yacht Club in Grosse Pointe, a perfect representation of S's interests and future plans, as she prepares to enter the prestigious Great Lakes Maritime Academy after graduation in 2015.  (A sincere thank you to Natalie at Crescent Yacht Club, who very politely suffered us much longer than she had hoped - I owe you a dinner and beer, Natalie!)

S is a gorgeous girl both inside and out.  Despite strong gusts and colder-than-it-looks water (it was no more than about 50° and I didn't dare step in that water myself), she makes it look like a balmy summer day!

I look forward to working with S and her friends as senior season continues on.  If I had 100 clients just like her!  Thanks, S and C!

April 6, 2014
"Twins are born together and friends forever."
― Unknown
I so enjoyed working with four-year-old twins, "N" and "L".  I photographed their two older siblings about four years ago and knew these two would be just as much fun.  When I scheduled this session more than a month ago, I thought we'd surely have some green in the trees by now.  I was a bit surprised when we even walked through snow along a short stretch of trail at Heritage Park in Farmington, but once I saw the images in the computer late last night, I was equally pleased with the soft, warm tones in the trees and in the early evening sun.  Love this image and these two cuties . . . more to come!

After the shoot, Brad and Connor joined me.  Snapped a couple of Connor in the setting sun just before heading out to dinner.


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